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We believe that every area of your life can be amplified with the power of plant medicine. We're on a mission to bring this healing to everyone.


About Us

We want to share our origin story with you as we recognize the importance of always creating from an intentional and conscious place. Collectively, we have spent our lives and careers cultivating an understanding and appreciation for the power of culture, movement and healing. We were born out of this journey and a central part of our mission is to support the awakening of community through collaboration. Philadose is a magical intersection of culture, healing and passion for deeper connections.


Our Story

While sipping a steamy cup of hibiscus tea in West Philly, we sat down for a conversation with no agenda and no ego. Quickly, we realized there was a very powerful and transformative thread connecting the three of us. Psychedelics, as a tool for deep inner and outer healing. Psychedelics have played an integral role in all of our personal journeys and have allowed us to heal in ways in which we have never experienced before. Then the juices really started flowing, what’s stopping us from reimagining business in a sustainable and playful way?! Three creatives, three entrepreneurs and three people of color ready to shake things up!

Conversation led us to see the need for a unifier within the psychedelic community in Philadelphia and, with our unique skillsets, we could begin to forge deeper connections within the existing space.

Meet The Co-Founders

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