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Philadose Brings Philadelphia’s Psychedelic Summit To Independence Visitor Center

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Philadose’s alternative medicine summit entitled The New Era of Psychedelic Medicine: A Diverse Perspective – will be held at the Liberty View at Independence Visitor Center on November 16, 2022 at 5PM. The summit intends to keep Philadelphia on the leading edge of psychedelic medicine work, and give voice to the pressing issues and important values of the psychedelic movement.

Philadose’s psychedelic summit is aimed at inviting the Philadelphia public into a diverse dialogue around psychedelics and drug policy reform through education and community. Attendees will discover the world of psychedelic medicine through live, intimate conversations and interactive experiences with some of the most forward-thinking people in the field of psychedelics. Speakers will share stories of healing, the importance of set and setting, preparation and integration, as well as valuable breathwork and meditation techniques.

“Where better to start such a movement than at the Liberty View”, said Gary Murray, Co-Founder of Philadose. The Liberty Bell commemorates Pennsylvania's original Constitution. It speaks of the rights and freedoms valued by people the world over. "The summit will bring all of that spirit to life for attendees," said Murray, "Join us as we reclaim the spirit of what the bell means to our individual and collective identities."

Summit Agenda

5:00PM - Welcome Reception & Networking

Opening: Forging Social Connectedness in the PA Psychedelic Space

Speaker: Leonzo Vargas

Leonzo Vargas, Co-Founder of Philadose and CEO and Founder of Glbl Village, will share our opening message for the evening and lead us through a meditative exercise designed to drop us into this informational journey.

“At Philadose, we believe that building a safe space for people to explore their curiosity is crucial for healing and growth—and for forging social connectedness,” said Leonzo.

Opening Ceremony led by Charlotte James and Undrea Wright from the Ancestor Project

Join Charlotte and Dre as they share about the history of this space and how people of color are reclaiming their right to exist, their right to be in relationship with the land they reside on, and to have the freedom to heal themselves using sacred medicines. Through this ritual they will plant a seed around ancestral medicines so that spirit workers, healers, therapists and doctors of our communities may continue to grow healing practices connected to their roots.

“I had my first Kambo ceremony and that just really moved the door open for me to step into my power and reclaim who I truly am.” Charlotte shares.

Dre has had transformative experiences with cannabis, psilocybin and ayahuasca that made a huge impact on his life. He recalls, “I had a rebirth, and three weeks later, I was in Peru doing my first dieta, and I never looked back from that. Then I learned to do Kambo treatments and that took my health and wellness to the next level. From that point, I was like this is my path…and so I began my journey learning to support myself and then hold space and help support other people in the healing process.”

Veterans Stories of Healing PTSD: Barriers to Access and the Path Forward

Speaker: Ron Millward

Ron Milward is the Founder and President of Balanced Veterans and will discuss his experiences with healing PTSD, barriers to access and the path forward with psychedelic medicine in medical and communal contexts.

“We all have trauma, and at any moment we can choose to live in the trauma, but if you can choose to rise above it there’s just so much power and freedom we can gain.”

We know that veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are still one of the most neglected patient populations in modern medicine and globally, the number of veterans suffering from PTSD is growing exponentially. Despite advances in pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy there still remain many wounded warriors who either do not respond to treatment, relapse or lack access to care.

A Diverse Approach to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Tips and Takeaways

Speaker: Jess Jones, Aubrey Howard, Sophia Brandstetter, & Courtney Gable

Join us for a panel discussion between Aubrey Howard, Jess Jones, LCSW Courtney Gable, MA, NCC and Sophia Brandstetter, LCSW, PSYD entitled, A Diverse Approach to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Tips and Takeaways. They will discuss topics such as what is psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy? What does a session consist of and what are some tips for facilitating a journey? What modalities or practices have proved most useful for preparation & integration? They will also explore how to hold safe space for people from different backgrounds & cultures. Join us for this informative and engaging discussion!

Jess Jones, LSCW is a bilingual queer Latina clinical social worker based in Philadelphia. She is certified in TF-CBT, EMDR, and priCARE and previously worked as a child and family therapist and supervisor at PennMedicine’s Hall-Mercer Community Mental Health Center. She trained in KAP (ketamine-assisted psychotherapy) with Polaris Insight Center and is certified in the EMBARK psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy model with Cybin. She has nearly completed training as an MDMA-assisted therapist with MAPS. “I believes authentic relationships can be good medicine and that intergenerational cycles of trauma can be interrupted and healed.” said Jess, “I aspire to anti-racist and culturally curious practice as a therapist and am committed to psychedelic equity and access.”

Aubrey is an Afro-Indigenous queer woman of color, Yoga, Breathwork and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Facilitator based in Philadelphia. She is also a co-founder of Philadose and owns a small private practice here in Philadelphia, Spirit Medicine, providing ceremony facilitation and somatic breathwork services to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Aubrey previously served as the lead Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Facilitator and Breathwork Facilitator at the SoundMind Institute. “Through all of my work, my intention is to honor and amplify Black and Indigenous voices and practices as part of a larger effort to change the tidal direction of power, privilege & authority; to a society that values collective thought, action, vision and healing” said Aubrey.

Dr. Sophia Brandstetter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and has earned an advanced training certificate in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Brandstetter's expertise is in understanding and working with the impact of complex and generational trauma. Her therapeutic approach is informed by psychodynamic, relational, mindfulness, and developmental perspectives. In recent years, Dr. Brandstetter has included psychedelic medicines as a method for integrating the mind, body, soul in reaching a higher consciousness. Brandstetter is the Clinical Director and founder of The Ko-Op in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ko-Op is a groundbreaking psychotherapy treatment center providing access to psychedelic healing using Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. An understanding and compassionate practice, a place of inclusion for minority populations and individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds, and all walks of life. The Ko-Op uses a Harm Reduction model to guide practice. For its clinical members peer consultation, clinical supervision, and practicum training is available, as is a sense of community in an emerging field of practice. Brandstetter and the other members of the Ko-Op aim to expand and sharpen the practice of psychedelic psychotherapy in the Philadelphia area.

Courtney Gable, MA, NCC, CYT (she/her) has over 20 years of experience working in the field of wellness. Courtney holds a Master's Degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from La Salle University, a BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, is a Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT), and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Courtney is also NCC certified, and a pre-Licensed Professional Counselor. Courtney is currently a Fellow at IPI, earning her Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider Certification. She has taken multiple courses on Psychedelics and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, and Ketamine and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), through Voyage Healing in Philadelphia, Fluence, MAPS, the Psychedelic Support Network and others. Courtney also serves as a KAP therapist at Voyage Healing.

Open Dialogue, Interactive Group Activity

Facilitator: Leonzo Vargas

“Through this exercise, we invite you to be an integral part of this exciting movement and of the ever evolving dialogue surrounding psychedelics.”

Closing Breathwork & Sound Journey

Facilitator: Aubrey Howard & A Special Musical Guest

Breathwork is a powerful and ancient tool that provides an opportunity to connect each person more deeply with themselves, each other and the collective vision of peace and interconnectedness. This practice facilitates growth & transformation rooted in meaning and purpose and will serve as a moment to pause and integrate all of the information we have absorbed throughout the evening. To close the evening's session, Aubrey will lead attendees through a breathwork ceremony that will be followed by a guided sound journey by a special guest that will signal the end of the evening together and bring the focus back into our bodies. It is an opportunity for participants to reflect on the experience and consider what they have learned about themselves, how they might carry these lessons into their communities, as well as how they might apply them to other areas of our lives.

Land Acknowledgment & Reciprocity Initiative

The Lenape people are the original inhabitants of Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York. For over 10,000 years they have been the caretakers of these lands and of The River of Human Beings, more commonly known as the Delaware River. Ten Percent of the proceeds of the summit will be donated to the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania.

Philadose community allies include: Hurray Brands, Global Vllg, Spirit Medicine, Palante Psychotherapy, Balanced Veterans, Voyage Healing, The Ko-Op, The Ancestor Project and Decriminalize Nature Philly, Herbalcare RX.

Philadose is providing full and partial scholarships to 50 applicants by the end of October, to attend the summit, with the help of scholarship supporters including the sponsors above. Registrants can also support equitable access to these events by purchasing Patron tickets (Buy 1 + Donate 1).

To register for Philadelphia’s Psychedelic Summit (Nov 16), log onto

About Philadose, LLC

Philadose is a black-led wellness company aimed at transforming the culture and perception of psychedelics. Philadose's mission is to be a catalyst for progress through the development of elevated, purposeful spaces that are multicultural and intergenerational, with integrated learning opportunities. Philadose creates events that draw diverse audiences of leaders, thinkers and doers together in ways that promote cross-pollination; open dialogue; drive innovation; leverage resources; foster relationships and inspire expansion of knowledge. In addition to summits, Philadose hosts monthly networking events in and around Philadelphia. At Philadose events, attendees will experience a live conversation amongst the decision makers actively advancing the adoption of Psychedelics as a mental health tool, interactive workshops, wellness practices, music and more. Philaodose is also committed to education and will provide breathwork training to clinicians, facilitators and anyone interested in integrating breathwork into their practice. Philadose attendees are local personalities, doctors, practitioners, investors, and Indigenous leaders. It’s an unmatched opportunity for connection in an educational, inclusive atmosphere.

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