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Philadelphia's Psychedelic Summit is next week.
Join the movement by registering before the summit sells out.


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Liberty View at Independence Visitors Center, Philadelphia
Join Us:
16 November 2o22

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The Conference

Next Event

Liberty View at Independence Visitors Center, Philadelphia
The New Era of Psychedelic Medicine: A Diverse Perspective
16 November 2o22

We’re excited to bring you a day of knowledge, discovery and connection! Meet other like-minded change makers who have had their own personal experiences with psychedelics and are excited about their potential for healing or expanding our consciousness.

Our first gathering of this community will take place on November 16th at the Liberty View. Where better to start such a movement than at the home of the Liberty Bell, which commemorates Pennsylvania's original Constitution. It speaks of the rights and freedoms valued by people the world over.   This summit intends to bring all of that spirit to life for you.  Join us as we reclaim the spirit of what the bell means to our individual and collective identities.

Who Should Attend

Philadose attendees are local personalities, doctors, practitioners, investors, and indigenous leaders. It’s an unmatched opportunity for connection in an educational, inclusive atmosphere.


The Agenda

One Evening of Powerful Talks

Welcome Reception/Networking

Leonzo Vargas, Philadose

Forging Social Connectedness in the PA Psychedelic Space

Charlotte James & Undrea Wright, The Ancestor Project

Opening Ceremony 

 Ron Millward, Balanced Veterans Network

Veterans Stories of Healing PTSD: Barries to Access and the Path Forward

Jess Jones, Pa'Lante Psychotherapy, Sophia Brandsteter, Ko-Op Courtney Gable, & Aubrey Howard

A Diverse Approach to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Tips and Takeaways 

Aubrey Howard & Leonzo Vargas, Philadose

Open Dialogue, Interactive Group Activity

Closing Breathwork & Sound Immersion | Aubrey Howard, Philadose & Special Musical Guest 


Scholarship Opportunities

Diversity and access are part of the core culture of Philadose. With the support of our sponsor, Herbalcare RX,  we provided more than $10,000 in  scholarships to those wanting to attend the event but who did not have the financial means to do so!


Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press who represent an established media organization. Applicants must show they are professional press members with a proven track record of reporting for an established media outlet. 

Winter 2023 Cohort ~ Breathwork Experiential Training for Clinicians and Facilitators 

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Breathwork Academy


Proud to bring these inspirational speakers, with more to be announced!

Sponsors & Allies

We're happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities.
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The ancestor project.png
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"Psychedelics prove to you that there’s more than one way of seeing the world”

- Jesse Lawler

Communal Reciprocity

10% of profits from Philadose are donated to the Lenape Nation.  The Lenape people are the original inhabitants of Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York. For over 10,000 years they have been the caretakers of these lands and of The River of Human Beings, more commonly known as the Delaware River.  Over a period of 250 years, many Lenape people were removed and dispersed throughout the country. Some took refuge with other tribes. A large number of Lenape families remained in the homelands and continue the traditions of their ancestors up to our present day. Today the Lenape people from all over Turtle Island (North America) are revitalizing their communities.    Many place names in Pennsylvania are derived from the Lenape Language, such as Manayunk, Conshohocken, and mention only a few. In the city of Philadelphia stands a statue of Chief Tamanend, a revered leader among the Lenape, who signed many treaties with William Penn. The history of the Lenape is truly the history of Pennsylvania. 

Discussing Over Documents

Monthly Networking

Beginning in December, Philadose will be launching our Sacred Circle Psychedelic Networking events. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, therapist, scientist or or simply inquisitive this event is the perfect opportunity to get away from your desk, have some cocktails and network with potential business partners, investors, industry professionals and changemakers.... Or just come on out and make some new friends! We've witnessed countless business connections and friendships form at our past events.



Can I come alone? 

Absolutely! Typically about 75% of the crowd comes alone.


What is the suggested age range? 

All ages are welcome.


Do I have to arrive at exactly 6:00 PM?

No, feel free to arrive any time between 6:00 and 7:00 PM.


How many people will be there?

Based on past events we expect between 50 and 100 people to be in attendance.


Is there music?

Yes, there will be great music playing at just the right volume for mingling.


Are there drinks? 

Yes, beer and wine will be available for purchase.


Is food available?

Yes, light refreshments will be available but many choose to have a full meal at one of Manayunk's many restaurants together before or after the event. 


What is the dress code?

While there's no official dress code we ask that you don't wear gym gear or baseball caps. What you wear to work in likely perfectly fine.


Who attends the event?

Professionals of all sorts and ages.

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