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Journey Breathwork

"I empower mental health professionals, holistic practitioners, and healers to confidently integrate breathwork and somatics into their personal and professional practice, supporting them in building successful and sustainable businesses."


Co-Founder & Breathwork Facilitator

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Here's A Preview Of Aubrey's
Experiential Breathwork Course 

Self-Paced Version Coming Soon! 

Course Details:

The Somatic Breathwork Certification Course is a six-week LIVE virtual program designed to introduce participants to the power of embodied & conscious breathing. 

  • During Week 1, participants will settle into the container and learn about the various parts of the nervous system.

  • In Week 2, they will learn about the science and principles of proper breathing.

  • Week 3 will focus on conscious & connected breathing through the Journey Breathwork Method.

  • In Week 4, participants will learn how to diagnose patterns of disharmony by exploring the chakra system, body mapping, and sound as a tool.

  • Week 5 will be dedicated to understanding the ancient practice of pranayama that can be used in daily life and in moments of crisis.

  • During Week 6, participants will explore integration and non-ordinary states of consciousness, with a special emphasis on healing trauma and integrating psychedelic experiences through conscious breathing.  


This course  is a transformative opportunity for practitioners seeking to cultivate personal and professional growth within a supportive community. Our program emphasizes group processing and integration to ensure a grounded experience. Through a comprehensive virtual curriculum, participants will tap into their innate healing abilities and engage in a profound journey of self-discovery.


The course also includes: 

  • Exclusive access to journey breathwork practices ranging from 20-40 minutes each

  • Pre-recorded lectures on each topic

  • A curated breathwork playlis

  • 10 + Recordings of practices 

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What does breathwork
help with?

Breathwork helps to support our wellbeing by reducing stress, decreasing anxiety and enhancing psychological flexibility. Additionally, it can help to boost mood, increase self-esteem as well as encourage emotional release so that you feel ready to reconnect with the world around you.


Non-ordinary states of consciousness are a way to access the body, mind and spirit as a whole. The shadow material that we've tried to keep hidden in the psyche and body is brought into awareness where it can be felt, processed and released. And when these barriers come down as the body and psyche expand, an enhanced flow of energy is experienced and our vitality increases greatly.


In order to heal and regulate our nervous system, we must explore our own unique relationship with the mind, body and emotions and one of the most powerful and effective ways to do that is through the breath. 

Who is the training for?

This is a great fit if...


  • You are a healer, medicine carrier, coach, yoga teacher, community wellness advocate, reiki practitioner or any other holistic practitioner

  • You are a mental health practitioner such as a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist.

  • You understand the power that plant medicines have for healing and want to incorporate breathwork into your psychedelic work

  • You are on a self-healing journey and would like to heal within a supportive & inclusive community 

  • You are ready to show up for yourself, integrate your experiences, and embody your practices

  • Interested in bridging into a more meaningful career and wants to gain experience with the breath

  • You are interested in integrative somatic wellness (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing)

  • You are interested in developing a trauma-informed and decolonized framework within your practice 

  • You want to incorporate breathwork techniques into your current work

  • You are currently enrolled or have completed a psychedelic training program and would like/are in need of an experiential training.

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What type of breathwork will we learn?

In this course you will learn multiple styles of breath such a pranayama, Somatic Breathwork and a conscious connected breathing method know as Journey Breathwork. We’ll mainly practice a unique style of breathwork called Journey Breathwork that I’ve adapted and created through my studies in Transformational Breathwork and Shamanic Breathwork. It is a blend of ancient breathwork, therapeutic movement, energy healing, body mapping and sound healing. It is a potent form of healing that allows you to access expanded states of consciousness and creates coherence within the mind and body. 

You'll get the best results with this diaphragmatic breathing practice as it supports all other types of breathing. You'll learn how to expand your breath into its fullest capacity and develop the skills to support your body through times where it is vital to regulate your breath.


About Your Instructor...

I am a full time entrepreneur, business owner, breathwork & somatic facilitator, medicine woman & plant lover. I’m also a mom to two little humans as well as an orange kitty named Rowan. 

But, the journey to get to where I am today. Began very differently. 


It was 2016, I was going through a divorce and a custody battle and had just lost my best friend to suicide. I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea what direction I wanted to go in my life. 


My nervous system was completely dysregulated from past trauma and I had none of the tools I needed to get out of the dark hole I was in.


I thought that the busier I was, the more successful I would be, and in this hypervigilant state, there was  less time to actually FEEL what was going on inside and listen to what my body was telling me. This led to a mental breakdown and a BIG wake up call to make some serious changes in my life. 


I packed my bags, and set out on a 7 year journey that would change my life forever. I began intentionally working with sacred plant medicines and became certified in Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Yin Yoga, Transformational Breathwork, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Pranayama. 


Through my studies and personal experience I began to see a common thread between all of these modalities. In order to heal ourselves, our communities and the natural world, we NEED an integrated, embodied and decolonized approach to wellness and mental health. 


I began to weave together the powerful and potent teachings I learned through my years of studying, into a cohesive practice that supports myself and my clients in healing from trauma and living our fullest, most aligned life.


Through Somatic Breathwork, I have been able to support thousands of people in healing from the bottom-up. The bottom-up approach begins with information acquired from the body’s sensations and slowly expanding ones capacity to tolerate different sensations and experiences in a way that allows them to reach their fullest potential and heal from the inside out. This is the very mission behind what I do.


Today, I have served thousands of clients, trained hundreds of facilitators and led numerous workshops. I help practitioners, clinicians, facilitators and healers go from feeling burnout and limited within their business to expanding their capacity, client base and income by integrating Somatic Breathwork into their personal and professional practice so that they can make the most impact with the least amount of resistance. 

Coming Soon!

6-Week Cohort Study 

What Our Clients Say

"This course is perfect for those on their journey who want to expand their level of consciousness, discover self and somatically heal from within. The breath is fundamental to how we show up in our world and Aubrey does a fantastic job teaching you how to tap inward by facilitating your journey with the breath.
"It was what I looked forward to every week as I released deep seated emotions that were ready to be released and learned alongside an incredible community that helped me along my journey towards healing."

Jayde Barber, Students of Mind Podcast Host

"This course was a lovely exhale within my weeks. Not only did I learn rich knowledge about different aspects of the breath, but I also was given access to a beautiful community of people. Meeting each week in community to learn and breathe was something I didn't know I was missing in my life."
"I would recommend this course to anyone because it is unlike any other breathwork course I've heard of and it covers a wide range of knowledge in a short amount of time."


Anisa Sonya, MA in Mental Health Counseling